Become a Trader

We focus on offering high-quality, specialist and locally-owned, independent retail experiences. Our small to medium-sized units provide a perfect place for new or established artisan businesses to showcase their goods or services and build a committed customer base.

With nearly 50 locally owned independent businesses already in the Markets, you’ll also benefit from a wealth of fellow trader knowledge ranging from long-running businesses to other brand-new start-ups.

Our Trader suitability checklist

1. The Right Mix

It’s crucial we get the right kind of mix in the Markets to ensure we make the best of the opportunity for everyone involved.

We’ve got an exciting opportunity for new pop-up units within the Central Market or Fish Market.
This would initially be on a short term or temporary basis of 6-18 months to fill one of our vacant units, but there is potential for a longer-term agreement for the right business.

We’re currently looking for small, independent, local businesses and are considering the following areas:

Eat & Drink
  • Fresh barista coffee
  • Sourdough pizza
  • Traditional sweet shop
  • Fresh cookie specialist
  • Bubble tea specialist
  • Vegan foods
  • Doughnuts
  • Craft brewery
  • Traditional tea room
  • Street food
  • Handmade soaps, bath products, candles etc.
  • Houseplant specialist
  • Eco refill and sustainable store
  • Jewellery maker
  • Other artisans / creatives, particularly where products can be created on site

2. Essentials

If you are offering one of the business categories listed above, you don’t have to have had experience of owning a business. However, before you reply we do ask you to ensure you meet all of the requirements listed below:

  • Open 6 days a week
  • Operate core hours 10am – 4pm, with potential to open in the evenings, particularly for the Eat & Drink category
  • Be locally based
  • Operate a specialist high-quality artisan business
  • Have a clear view of what you plan to sell
  • Score highly on sustainability
  • Know what size unit you require
  • Have a clear list of facilities required. For example: do you need running water; a flue system; how much storage space do you need?
  • Have a list of any particular unoccupied units in the market you are interested in
  • Have a well thought-out business plan

In addition we have identified a variety of criteria that new tenants will need to satisfy a selection of in order to successfully trade in the Central Market or the Fish Market. The criteria include:

  1. Be one of the identified business types in the list above and either be, or have the potential to be, skilled and professional operators 
  2. Complement existing uses, and / or expand the choice / offer and add to the appeal of the mix of current businesses within the Markets
  3. Provide additional “retail theatre” and experience
  4. Be dynamic and engaging with customers
  5. Trade extended hours, particularly if providing food and/or drink as part of our evening openings
  6. Be based locally or source much of your product locally
  7. Demonstrate good sustainability and inclusive employer credentials
  8. Actively and continuingly trying to improve service levels and retail presentation / delivery
  9. Established and proven, either as operators or for the proposed use
  10. Good and effective self-promoters / skilled in use of social media and other marketing tools
  11. Best in class status, either proven or by design and delivery of shop fit / environment
  12. Award winners
  13. Independent with limited (typically less than 10) other shops
  14. Supply a quality business plan and sustainable trading forecast, and have a clear marketing plan
  15. Help to deliver the ambitions and targets of the Strategic Review.

Download our trader enquiry form

If you think you may meet the criteria above, please complete the form and submit it to [email protected] to register your interest.