Donna's Cake Decorating Supplies

Donna’s Cake Decorating Supplies



Donna’s Cake Decorating Supplies is the island’s only shop dedicated to all things home baking, stocking a wide range of cake boards, fondant, sugar decorations as well as baking tins, piping nozzles and more.

We were founded in 2017 and strive to offer some of the best products currently on the market, covering a wide range of baking requirements at a competitive price.

Beyond being a convenient, one stop shop, Donna & Kyle are also on hand to offer help and advice for you to be able to achieve your cakeable creations!

Opening Times

Monday - Saturday -

Thursday -

Sunday Closed

The Central Market is the perfect venue for us. It is an iconic landmark , geographically and socially, that has been home to so many family-run businesses and it is truly gratifying to be a part of something that so exemplifies the local community. To be a part of it's history as well as a part of people's celebrations is something that excites us every day.

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