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We sell authentic Korean and Japanese casual meals to-go. We centre ourselves around the seafood market to have exclusive access to the freshest available produce and have it ready to eat in the same building on the same day.

Our offering consists of freshly prepared local seafood delicacies, sushi, hot rice and noodle dishes made to authentic recipes. Just as it would be in its original form.

Jeju is named after the island off the coast of South Korea and Japan. When Kaylee would explain to her friends back home in Korea where she lived now, they didn’t know about Jersey, so she compared it to Jeju – in the way that Jersey has aspects of French and British, Jeju has aspects of Japanese and Korean history and culture.

On top of that James’ cooking background is predominantly Japanese, Kaylee’s background is Korean and two cuisines are totally compatible and interchangeable. So the name is very much a metaphor and poetic symbol of this connection.

Opening Times

Monday - Saturday -

Sunday Closed

I’ve always enjoyed the markets for their charm but mainly for housing some local and interesting produce which sometimes isn’t available from restaurant suppliers or supermarkets.

But the best part is being able to go in person for the human interaction, have a good look at whats available, take your time.

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