Leonidas Chocalates

Leonidas Chocolates



Luxury takes centre stage at Leonidas, with an impressive array of handcrafted chocolates beautifully displayed in elegant packaging. From pralines with creamy centre’s to mouth-watering truffles and velvety smooth caramels, our skilled chocolatiers carefully create, using only the best sustainable cocoa beans. From elegantly wrapped gift boxes for special celebrations to individual pieces to savour on-the-go, Leonidas chocolates are a delightful present for any chocolate lover.

Experience the magic of our artisanal delights in an authentic Chocolate Shop, with one to one customer service which is increasingly so hard to find.

You can also order on line for local or national delivery at www.chocolate-express.co.uk.

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Sunday Closed

We have had the pleasure of trading in this historical market for over 20 years, and believe that it perfectly aligns with our brand's traditional values of freshness and quality. While you're choosing a box of chocolates with your favourite centre's, why not treat yourself to other fresh produce not found in supermarkets or simply take a moment to savour a cup of coffee?

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