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We make and bake freshly every day both here and at our main bakehouse, traditional British and European bread, rolls, cakes and savouries with the time-honoured skills of craftsmen handed down through generations. Sadly, most of the English-speaking western world sources as much as 97% of its bread from industrial factories today, whereas more than half of European bread is made by craft bakers. Jersey still has craft bakers along with many other food skills because that is what the public demand. As the tourism advert used to say of the Island, “nearer to France, closer to home…” Residents and visitors know the taste and the difference.

The Dodge family who manages Vienna Bakery, have been baking and serving around the Markets for 70 years. We love being among the real foodservice action of Jersey Markets core trades; the fish mongers, butchery, green grocers, and florists of course, among our other small trader neighbours, who all bring life, choice of produce and a personal service to the heart of St Helier for the whole Island to enjoy. The Markets were built and funded through public donations via lotteries. They are a prime example of a covered fresh food hall (no walls!), lost to many UK high streets. They were built by the public to serve the public, providing an important platform for the essential food trades. Small businesses struggle to find suitable space elsewhere.

We are green, fresh and bring choice. We have knowledge and specialist skills being lost elsewhere, and we offer a taste of both local produce and freshly sourced goods from the best wholesale markets in the UK and Continent. Jersey Markets are a pathway for serving Jersey’s world-renowned produce to the public, of which we are incredibly proud.

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Today our Markets team is led by Eileen and Paul. Many of our products are baked on site in our Workshop Project, where we hope to provide a window onto our ancient craft. Jersey loves fresh food and we love the Markets and the privilege we enjoy serving the public here.